Tom Watkins is an energetic, vibrant and mature young British actor.


In 2010 Tom graduated from Bath Spa University with a Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts: Acting for Recorded Media; ready to show the world what he is made of and make an impact in the Acting Industry.


Tom has an avid interest in reading. From fiction to philosophy from history to science journals he has a thirst for culture and knowledge.


In the distant past Tom was a gymnast. With the benefit of age and experience he now works as a part time elite gymnastics coach, a job he loves passionately.


Tom has a love for drama both comic and tragic, on screen and on stage. He is a big fan of independent film and when he is not acting his mind is buzzing with new ideas for film productions.


Tom is Lead Presenter and Creative Director of SHORTCUTZ LONDON a weekly film festival and competition which is part of a Global Short Film Revolution.